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Thursday, June 30, 2016

5 Reasons Why You Should Read the Cut & Run Series by Abigail Roux

5 Reasons You Should Read Cut & Run Series by Abigail Roux

Reason One
It’s Funny AS FUCK! Tyler Grady has some of THEE best one liners…EVER! Not to mention the goofy as hell shirts he wears and how he gives zero fucks what people say about them. He’s not your average alphabet! The situations they find themselves in in each book too are just so ridiculously funny. You will definitely be entertained reading this series.

Tyisms- by Stephanie GooglyEyes

Reason Two
It’s Hot as HELL! The steam factor between Ty & Zane is off the charts HOT HOT HOT. Reverse cowboy, I’m just saying! ((sorry ya’ll, that’s not til book 6, but there’s plenty more in the meantime!!!))

"I love you too," he said. "Now let me pull my pants up, huh? You can't wear a hat with you junk hanging out."

Reason Three
Unforgettable characters. All of them! Not just Ty & Zane, but Nick & Kells, and Julian & Cam, Liam, Smith & Wesson ((the cats!)), and of course, Barnum. No one will EVER forget Barnum!!

Reason Four
Great Action. There is always something bound to happen to the guys that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Whether it’s mountain lions or a mole. Expect edge of your seat action and usually explosions.

Reason Five

The series may have a strong heat level, but make no mistake that it isn’t plot and storyline thick. Each book has a new adventure and new twists with the undertone of several unraveling twists throughout the entire series. ((Remember that mole I mentioned??)) This really is a well-rounded series and even though it is MM, I really think there is something for everyone in the series. You will laugh, you will cry, you will be holding on to the edge of your seat. Above all, you will be rooting for Ty and Zane!!

Reading Order
Cut & Run
Sticks & Stones
Fish & Chips
Divide & Conquer
Armed & Dangerous
Dine & Dash (5.5)
Warrior's Cross- Not a part of the actual series but a side story of Julian & Cam <3
Stars & Stripes
Touch & Geaux ((my absolute fave))
Shock & Awe (Sidewinders #1)
Ball & Chain
Cross & Crown (Sidewinders #2)
Crash & Burn
Part & Parcel (Sidewinders #3)

Misinformation by Keelan Ellis ~ A Review

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was really excited to read this book. Ethan shares custody of his 6 year old daughter, Fiona with his ex-wife, Deirdre. While taking Fiona to her first day of 1st grade he meets her teacher, Charlie and can’t help but maybe flirt a little. Due to him working for a very conservative news channel, ECHO, he has been hiding the fact that he was bi-sexual from everyone and maybe even himself a little.
He and Charlie’s paths cross once again, but this time at a bar. Things really get very hot and heated and after that night he can’t stop thinking of him. Ethan really struggles with what to do about it because not only does he fear for his job, but also worries about hurting his ex-wife and most importantly, his daughter.
Charlie is more of a one night stand kinda guy, not wanting to get feelings involved in any way. But of course the more he and Ethan are together, the harder it is to NOT have feelings for him. There is a little heartbreak when Ethan gets a little scared, but the person that really helps them back together is not the person you would expect.
The sexy time in this book is really HOT. I suggest you read this in a more private venue and not at your desk at I mean, not like I’m speaking from experience or anything.
I did like all the characters in the book but I did feel a little disconnected from them at times. I felt like there was a lot of telling you what was happening vs. showing you. There were also a few times that I felt a little confused by the timeline of things which made it also feel a little rushed.
All in all this is a really sweet book, and low angst, which is a bonus in my book.

I give this book ***3*** sweet stars.



Keelan Ellis is a true crime enthusiast, a political junkie, and a comedy fan. Despite a compulsion to sometimes wallow in the depths of humanity’s corruption and sadness, she considers herself a romantic at heart. The stories she really connects with are about love that’s been twisted into hatred, and she believes that with honesty and forgiveness, love can overcome. Keelan loves good bourbon and classic country music, great television and well-prepared food, especially shared with like-minded people. She’s not a fan of parties and large groups of people, but there’s nothing she loves more than a long conversation with friends. Her favorite part of the writing process is the collaborative stage, hashing out plot and characters with smart and talented friends. It’s where she truly comes to understand the people she’s writing about, and often falls in love with them. With the support and encouragement--as well as some serious editing help--Keelan has found the writing niche she’s always searched for. Sometimes she gets blocked, and when that happens, there’s only one thing she knows to do. Just like Inigo Montoya, she goes back to the beginning, writing about the characters who inspired her so much in the past.

Monday, June 27, 2016

5 Reasons Why You Should Read Fallocaust by Quil Carter

5 Reasons you should read Fallocaust Series by Quil Carter

Reason #1
Reaver, aka The Raven, aka The Darkness ((aka Chance)).  I don’t think I have ever met a more badass character in my life. He’s pretty much an emotionless machine who does what needs getting done in a world where half the people and animals are mad with radiation disease. He takes no prisoners and doesn’t mess around. Well, until he meets Killian, of course. Which in turn makes him a bit of a conundrum.

Reason #2
Elish Dekker, Prince of Skyfall. He is such a complex and intellectual character. I feel like he holds all the cards and has a poker face to rival the best of them. He is VERY hard to figure out and that alone is a reason to love, hate, and fear him. You can see his story in the companion novel; Breaking Jade.

Reason #3
This ain’t your children’s dystopian story. Forget what you saw in The Hunger Games. This is the waaay more grown up version that will make even the most iron stomach squirm. It’s like THG and Mad Max but way more grown up and on steroids and meth. I think if a "end of the world" situation were to happen, this would be what it is really like, well minus the PNR aspect, but the rest I feel is spot on. This world is so addicting, just like the black tar heroin and opium cigarettes, once you start, you won’t be able to stop. Hang on to your hats, folks, you’re about to be taken on the most *ucked up ride!

Reason #4
Chimeras, or lab created super humans, made from the blood of the King and science. King Silas creates them for certain purposes and they’re given special enhancements to fulfill their roles. There are brutes for protection, intellects to help run the new world and labs, demons, empaths, and the “perfect partner”. All that are created must be made in a certain image, as the King likes them beautiful, and they are as dangerous as they are beautiful, so you never cross one.

Reason #5
Reno Nevada aka Otter. In all the dark and terror and war, he is a beacon, his attitude and fun nature is a breath of fresh air. He brings a comedic relief in a world where you’re only goal is to survive. I think this series really needs that, because it is so dark and gruesome and stressful. He really makes this series for me, as he balances that out. And of course, Killian, aka KilliCat. He also was a shining beacon in a world of dark, but after leaving the somewhat cushy factory town has been tainted by the Greywastes and what it can do to a persons life. He is still the light to Reaver’s darkness though, and I think they round each other out as a whole. Of course there isn’t rainbows and sunshine, but it’s enough to give you hope in this cruel new world.

((Bonus Reason))
All of these titles are on Kindle Unlimited and they are sooo worth the money. The amount you pay for the month will more then be made up for by this series alone!! Some of the novels are over 800 pages, so you really getting the bang for your buck! and an awesome series to boot!!

I really hope that's enough reasons to get you to try this series! LOL
It is an MM series, so expect a lot of man on man action. King Silas wouldn't want it any other way! ;)

Reading order and Links

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Blog Tour, Giveaway & Review ~ Collateral Damage by J.T. Cheyanne

collateral damage banner


Fleeing the questions and horrific memories in Miami-Dade, Trevor Garrett accepts a deputy position in the small town of Rolling Fork, Mississippi. Plagued by anxiety attacks and an abhorrence to being touched, Trevor rebuffs his best friend’s attempts to set him up. He has no desire for any type of relationship; until the local golden boy strolls into his line of sight at the neighborhood dive…
Logan Andrews just wants to take care of his mama. After years of serving his country in the Army Special Forces, Logan resigns when he learns his mother is suffering from advanced stages of Alzheimer’s disease. A night out with old friends turns heated when the newest deputy in town catches his attention…
When a sexually deviant killer sets his sights on the gay men in the area, Trevor is assigned the case. In a wicked twist, all evidence points to Logan. Can Trevor’s past be repeating itself? In a race against a killer, Trevor struggles to overcome his own insecurities and clear the man whose touch sets him on fire. Will he succeed or will their budding relationship become Collateral Damage?

Collateral Damage Cover

Reviewed by:

The story starts out in the killers perspective and I must say it is very gripping. First it starts out steamy hot and then takes a turn for the worse, hooking you in. 

Then we get taken into Logan's POV and it jumps between the present and the past of his tour in Kosovo. It goes on like this through most of the book and alternating between Trevor and Logan. 

Trevor, for reasons I dont want to give away, does not alternate between past and present, but he does have a very dark past that has left him with a bit of PTSD. He can't handle being touched by anyone. He's a bit surprised when he finds put that Logan's touch calms him, and we find ourselves in a whirlwind of conflicting emotions. 

I thought there was a lot of chemistry between Logan and Trevor. There is also a whole lot of drama with this new murderer in town targeting homosexuals. Trevor is given the case, and signs are pointing to Logan. Trevor is facing past hurts with his trust in Logan, but he's determined to clear his name regardless of the signs. 

I won't lie, I figured it all out pretty early on, but it was still a gripping read. I felt invested in these two and was hoping for the best. I even had a moment when I felt bad for the killer, his situation was less than ideal and all the events that led up to it. 

The ending was also a surprise, I was very happy with how things turned out. 

All in all I give this book 3.5*

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Prize: 5 ecopies of Collateral Damage by J.T. Cheyanne

About the author

#1 Best Selling Author of Grand Slam, J.T. Cheyanne is a genre crosser who writes romance and paranormal in the m/m and m/f genres. J.T. Cheyanne resides in the beautiful state of Alabama. J.T. lives with her two sons and daughter. An avid reader since fourth grade, she has only just started writing her own stories. She also has several works published with her co-author, V.L. Moon.
Social Links:

Collateral Damage Print Cover

Friday, June 24, 2016

Blog Tour & Giveaway ~ Wet Heat by R.D. Hero

Hello! I'm R.D. Hero, the author of Wet Heat, a book about werewolf menopause, nefarious alphas, and party-boy omegas. I'd like to thank the blogs hosting this tour. Follow along to read more about the world and characters of Wet Heat!  

About Wet Heat

Most omega werewolves want a mate and pups, but Lee Aung prefers an unconventional party-boy lifestyle. Yet at forty-two, he’s stopped going into heat, which means he’s expired goods—no longer a fertile, young omega that alpha wolves drool over. So Lee uses Wet Heat, a synthetic pheromone, to reel in the alpha hookups.

After losing his job at the bank, Lee can’t afford to keep up his Wet Heat habit. His solution: scam free samples by pretending to be a happily mated test subject at Wet Heat headquarters. There, Lee spends two years being interviewed by the reserved alpha scientist, Cain, who at thirty-two is unmated and—up until this point—content with that.

Cain never really felt his alpha instincts, nor took part in the usual alpha/beta/omega social dynamics. But after discovering that Lee has been lying about his unmated status for two years, Cain finally admits that for the first time, he wants to court an omega. Unfortunately, he’s picked the one omega who doesn’t want to be courted.

About R. D. Hero

R.D. Hero bombed out of art school. After that, she admitted writing might be the best course of action, and hopped to it. She likes writing about people who shouldn't fall in love, which she's been doing for about eight years. Starting with online serial fiction, R.D. developed her favorite tropes and dynamics, writing what she wanted to read.

Aside from that, she loves spicy food, boxer dogs, camping, and photography.


To celebrate the release of Wet Heat, R. D. is giving away $15 in Riptide Publishing credit. Leave a comment with your contact info to enter the contest. Entries close at midnight, Eastern time, on June 25, 2016. Contest is NOT restricted to U.S. entries. Thanks for following the tour, and don’t forget to leave your contact info!

Reviewed by:

I thought this was a short, cute read.
I really liked the idea behind wet heat, a werewolf pheromone enhancement for wolves who no longer go into heat. It is supposed to be used to spice of mated pairs love life. But, for our hero, it is used to help him score at clubs.

Lee is in his 40's and unmated. He doesn't want that life, to settle down, so he finds a way to score what is called Wet Heat. One of the many ways he receives Wet Heat is by doing a clinical study. He has been doing this study for a few years now and has the same scientist study him.

Having just lost a job and it seems that all these alphas look down upon him for not being mated or wanting to, makes it very hard for him to find a new job. I really like how the author used a lot of pack mentality or politics in the story. The way Lee has been studying alphas and omegas for so long, he knows how to play into their needs. He observes their moods andactions and plays them all to his advantage. Until he figures out who his blind date is ((that his mother MADE him go on)).
It is none other than Cain, the scientist who does the clinical trials over at Wet Heat. Lee isn't sure what to do with him at first as he seems like a reluctant alpha. This was really Cain's saving grace with Lee. Lee kind of thought it was a breath of fresh air, and it was a little ego boost that he was the one to bring out these instincts in Cain.

Unfortunately for Cain, you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but thankfully he seems to be a pretty patient man in breaking down Lee into courting him, seeing as he's waited two years for him, what's a little game of cat and mouse. Since Lee likes to dance to his own beat, it also warrants some aggression from someone, thinking that he is a bad influence on his nephew. It gives the story a good plot twist and some drama, making you wonder who is really the bad guy.

I thought that it was cute at the end when Cain would show up to break up whatever Lee was about to get into, it's only a matter of time before he finally drops his fears and gives in to Cain.

What i didn't like was, the story was a bit unfinished as to what happens with Lee and his job and apartment. Where is he now staying, that kind of thing.  It also seemed kind of fast ((even thought its really been two years)) that Cain would want to step in and take total care of him, but I guess that's just his Alpha coming out for once.

All in all I give it a 3.5*

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Blog Tour & Giveaway ~ A Kind of Romance by Lane Hayes



TITLE: A Kind of Romance

SERIES: A Kind of Story 

AUTHOR: Lane Hayes 

COVER ARTIST: Aaron Anderson 

LENGTH: 82,963 words 

RELEASE DATE: June 06, 2016 

BLURB: Zeke Gulden is a ruthless Wall Street exec. His hard-edged, no-nonsense attitude has served him well in the cutthroat business world, but less so in his personal life. When he finds out his ex-boyfriend cheated on him with a coworker, Zeke can’t let go—not until he finds a way to get even. However, his meddlesome father has other ideas. The new hire at the family-owned bagel store is somewhat colorful, but his dad is sure he’s the perfect man for Zeke. 

Benny Ruggieri is a fiercely proud New Yorker who dreams of making it big as a costume designer in the theater. In the meantime, he’s working two part-time jobs in the food biz. When his new boss sets him up with his successful son, Benny has zero expectations. If nothing else, he figures he can entertain himself by making the uptight businessman squirm. Instead, the two become unlikely friends with an inexplicable attraction they can’t ignore. Benny might be the one to help Zeke set aside his quest for revenge, if he’s willing to let go and forgive what he can’t forget… and give in to an unexpected kind of romance. 


THEY SAID you could remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when a life-altering event took place. I could do better than that. I could tell you the date and time too. May 9, 7:04 a.m…. It was a Monday. Of course. I was standing in my kitchen, cradling a cup of coffee while reading the news on my iPad when my cell phone rang. I didn’t think twice about it. It rang all the fucking time. The setting was almost always on vibrate, but last night I’d changed it, thinking I didn’t want to miss Taylor’s call in case he decided to come by. He didn’t call. And he didn’t come over. I didn’t really think he would, but when we ran into each other at the farmers’ market in Union Square Sunday morning, I’d foolishly hoped he might. That was our spot. It seemed like providence. A sign of some sort telling us we should stop this nonsense and get back together immediately. True, Taylor had confessed he’d been cheating on me with one of my coworkers for the past six months, but… still.

The second round of incessant ringing served as a reminder I was a complete moron for wanting him back. And when I saw the name displayed on my cell, I knew the caller would agree wholeheartedly.

“Mornin’, Pops.”


I didn’t recognize the voice on the line. It was masculine but a little high-pitched. Definitely not Dad. Whoever he was, he was calling from my father’s phone. My heart slammed against my chest in a wave of instant panic.

“Just Zeke, actually. You’re calling from my father’s phone. Is he oka—?”

“He fell and hit his head. We called 9-1-1. The paramedics said it looked like a superficial wound, but there was blood everywhere and—They’re taking him to Mount Sinai on First. I’m following now with William. Filipe doesn’t speak much English, so Rand is staying to help mind the store and—”

“Whoa! Hang on. Where was he?” It was a stupid question. However, I felt nauseated from the unexpected adrenaline rush and was struggling to catch up and make sense of this conversation.

“At Bowery Bagels,” the caller replied with a heavy sigh. “I’m so sorry. I—I don’t know what else to say. I’m sure he’s fine, but—I’ll meet you in the emergency room.”

“Wait! Who are you?” I asked, staring into the open great room of my condo in a trancelike state.

I noted the sun’s reflection on the shiny dark hardwood floors and the way the tiny flecks of dust sparkled like fairy dust in the air. But I felt as though I were in a vacuum. Sound was muffled, and the light was suddenly too bright. I pushed away from the island and moved with purpose toward my bedroom, forgetting I’d been waiting for a response until the caller spoke again.



E. Lo’s Review

This is book #2 in the A Kind of Stories series and I will say that when I learned that I was a little apprehensive to read it. But to my surprise I didn’t feel like I was missing out from not reading book #1 at all. I think there was just a couple of scenes that I felt like there was a bit of a backstory but it didn’t leave me scratching my head in confusion.
This is a story of a big shot Wall Street executive, Zeke, and the oh so fabulous Benny. Benny works for George’s, Zeke’s dad, bagel business. One morning Zeke receives a call from Benny letting him know that his dad had an accident at the shop and was in the hospital. I really think that the accident was a little bit of a set up on George’s part to start the match making ball rolling for his son and Benny. I loved that it was the dad behind the matchmaking!! Of course Zeke and Benny are just as opposite as it comes but find that they really like spending time together. One thing turns into another and boom…there is love.
Zeke has a lot of his past to let go of before he and Benny can have their HEA,  and well some of that process actually made my eyes leak a little. I also appreciated the low angst in this book. What I didn’t appreciate was the constant craving of bagels throughout. I am a girl from the South…we don’t have real bagels here!!!!
This is the first book that I have read of Lane’s and I really hope to read more in the future. Ya know, like Carters book!!

I give this book ****4**** sweet, blue streaked stars!


Lane Hayes is grateful to finally be doing what she loves best. Writing full time! It’s no secret Lane loves a good romance novel. An avid reader from an early age, she has always been drawn to a well-told love story with beautifully written characters. These days she prefers the leading roles both be men! Lane discovered the M/M genre a few years ago and was instantly hooked. Her first novel was a finalist in the 2013 Rainbow Awards and her third received an Honorable Mention in the 2014 Rainbow Awards. She loves travel, chocolate, and wine (in no particular order). Lane lives in Southern California with her amazing husband and the coolest yellow lab ever in an almost empty nest.

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Winner’s Prize: $25 Gift Card to Ebook retailer of choice (DSP, Amazon, ARE CafĂ©)

June 7

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June 16

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June 23


Checklist 1600px (Smashwords, Amazon) 

  Author Name: K.E. Belledonne 
  Book Name: Daniel & Erik’s Super Fab Ultimate Wedding Checklist 
  Release Date: June 23, 2016 

When Daniel gets caught up in the demands of a cheeky wedding planning app, his fiancĂ© Erik grows frustrated with his preoccupation with adhering to heterosexual traditions. Will Daniel’s groomzilla ways give them the wedding of their dreams, or ultimately lead to their relationship’s demise?

Friday, June 17, 2016

COVER REVEAL & GIVEAWAY ~ Cosmic Inception by Alicia Nordwell


Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Christine Griffin

Pre-order Release Date: 6/17/2016
Official Release Date: 7/18/2016

Genre: MM Science Fiction
Length: 288 Pages/110k
Rating: Adult/Mature

Buy Links:

Their journey will span the universe and back, but there’s no guarantee they’ll make it together.

Though Nick and Fieo are drawn to each other, their relationship has never been easy. Their differences go beyond their races, but they’ve managed to work together to prevent the spread of corruption, growing closer along the way. Nick still battles the effects of years of loneliness, fear, and pain but surprises everyone when he refuses to stay behind when Fieo is sent on a vital mission to find the Collectors. Fieo objects, but there’s no stopping Nick when he sets his mind to something. Over the course of their mission, it becomes clear Nick is more than anyone ever imagined, but the mystery of his past threatens to derail his future.

The search for the truth will take Fieo and Nick far from Caeorleia, to worlds both familiar and completely alien, and put stress on their already tenuous relationship. It’s a journey that will either tear them apart or finally bring them together.

Chapter One
“Look at you.” The humid warmth of the garden enveloped and welcomed me. I stroked one finger across the fluffy yellow pod of a waist-high flower. The small strands curled in and then opened back into a wider puff, sending out a glowing powder that drifted high into the night sky. I chuckled. If I didn’t know better, I’d say the small flower was ticklish. I rubbed the pollen off against my shorts, glad I hadn’t tried to smell it. “You haven’t told me about these yet, Jirulm.”
The elderly Caeorleian was mumbling as he plucked clusters of hard orange buds off spindly stalks. I’d picked up the habit of talking to the plants from him, and it wasn’t hard to see why. They were so alive.
I had flowers, and fruit, and vegetables. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d get to live on a planet with wild flora. My schooling and job training had focused on creating new strains of food crops that were grown in chemical vats in the midst of a planet covered in metal and concrete.
Not exactly natural. Or very appetizing, if you knew where they got the basic building blocks for the food. No one had ever questioned it—I hadn’t either, until I’d taken the job with the Federal Food Service Corp after I couldn’t find a job anywhere else. Horrified when I learned the truth, I’d spent a few days unable to choke more than few mouthfuls down at a time, and they rarely stayed down. My mistake had been telling a coworker my plans to reveal everything to the public.
Of course when you’re a prisoner and starving, you tend to ignore the fact your food was grown from cells harvested from composted humans, and you ate it anyway. Beggars couldn’t be choosers.
And I’d begged. A lot. At least five years spent on a spaceship as the experiement of scientists had sucked all hope from me. But then the military scientists’ plans had gone wrong. Ryker and Seral had been sent to the planet in a bid for more information. The doctors assumed the Caeorleians would blame Ryker, one of the hated nelho scum they named the human soldiers waging war on their planet. Instead, something completely unexpected happened. Seral joined in besedad with Ryker, bonding them together.
In a daring attack against the human military, using the nanos they filled Ryker with to spy on the Caeorleians, Seral had brought down the scientists’ enormous ship and spread the reengieeered nanos like a plague to the rest of the fleet. Along they way, they also rescued Dade and me, the only other two survivors of the scientists’ experiments.
And once again, I was wide awake in the middle of the night. The memory of the moments right before rescue came, when I was forced to watch as the human scientists cut the alien woman open, and listen as the sadistic doctors planned to cut my belly open to compare organs, disturbed my sleep almost nightly and left me sweating and shuddering in my bed.
I didn’t mind being awake in the early morning hours all that much. Some of the flowers in my garden only bloomed at night. Besides, I didn’t have much to do, so I could nap during the heat of the day. With a planet this tropical, it made sense for Caeorleians to be seminocturnal. Night was the only time I could count on finding Jirulm, the gardener who taught me about the plants in my garden. Ovrumi suggested I would enjoy gardening when he caught me wandering in the corridors, flinching away from the others passing by.
“It’ll be time to prune those soon, Nicklaus,” Jirulm said. The hum of his voice was low, nearly indistinguishable from the light wind rustling through the plants.
“But they’re just barely blooming.” Sure, flowers indoors brightened up the rather plain walls of the Residence, but all the ones in my suite were potted. I didn’t like to snuff out their already brief lives.
“Good thing, too.” He examined the flowers, pulling at one of the fluffy heads. “When agvarali have absorbed enough energy to glow, the heads detach during the final bloom and migrate along the breeze.”
“Oh, I bet that’s beautiful.” I could just imagine the small glowing fluff balls floating along a soft night wind, though I wasn’t sure if I’d get to see it. Fieo, the stubborn ass, refused to believe I’d be going to find the Collectors with his team, so I had no idea when the departure was planned. I’d assumed sooner rather than later, but maybe I’d still get to see the final bloom—some of the heads were already glowing a faint yellow.
Jirulm snorted. “Beautiful… and dangerous.”
I cocked my head sideways. “What do you mean?” Sometimes getting information out of the old alien was like pulling teeth. But when he did speak, he knew basically everything there was to know about plants on Caeorleia.
“They gather energy, like sampanga trees, but so much in such a small sphere means when they touch something—or something touches them, like a careless finger—they explode.”
I snatched my hand back. “Explode?”
His lips twitched at the corners. It was probably the closest I’d come to seeing a smile on his face. “Oh, not enough to kill you, but you could easily lose a finger in the energy jolt that spreads the seeds. Luckily, these blooms are harmless.”
“That doesn’t sound harmless! Why plant these in a garden if they’re so dangerous?” I couldn’t believe they were actually cultivating the damn things.
“They attract insects to pollinate the other plants.” Jirulm tapped one long stem, and one of the creepy flying bugs crawled out of a waving puffball and flew to another vine a few beds over. “See.”
That was one aspect of gardening I could do without. I did not like bugs. I had nightmares of them crawling inside my ears and laying eggs that would hatch into little buggy babies just dying to burrow into my brain. I backed away from the agvarali. “Well, feel free to prune these while I’m gone.”
Thoughts of going into space again on the mission kept crowding into my mind, disturbing the peace I usually found in my garden. I tried pushing them away and succeeded for a while as Jirulm rambled on. After checking the natural spring fountain in the center of the garden that fed the irrigation lines, he left me alone. There was a small carpet of grass around it, the blades a dull gray in the silver light of the moons. Nighttime lent a certain somber feel to the garden, muting the usually vibrant displays; I sighed as I settled on the grass to stare up at the stars twinkling.
There was a lot of beauty in the darkness.

About the Author
Alicia Nordwell is one of those not so rare creatures, a reader turned writer. Striving to find something interesting to read one day, she decided to write what she wanted instead. Then the voices started ... Yep, not only does she talk about herself in the third person for bios, she has voices in her head constantly clamoring to get out.

Fortunately for readers, with the encouragement of her family and friends, she decided for her own sanity to keep writing. Now you can find her stories both free and e-published!She can be found quite often at her blog, where she has a lot of free fiction for readers to enjoy or working hard, or maybe hardly working, as an admin on under her online nickname, Cia.

Oh yeah, she's a wife, mom of two, and lives in the dreary, yet ideal for her redhead complexion, Pacific Northwest. Except for when she disappears into one of the many worlds in her head, of course!    

Find her at: