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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Favorite Reads of 2016

2016 has been filled with so many memorable moments. Some really good, some really bad, but they will be ones we won't forget.

From losing Prince and George Michael (still crying) to TJ Klune becoming a full time writer and having a few of his books optioned for movies AND a play and P!nk having her second child!

 We have to take the bad with the good, because that is just life. But, today I want to celebrate some of my favorites that I had the pleasure of reading this year. I know there are a lot that I haven't gotten my hands on, and for that I feel a little bad about.

There is SO much talent out there that I need a Time Turner just to be able to keep up with all of you! So, without further ado, I give you my favorite (released in) 2016 MM Romance Reads

waaaah!! It's over!!

I always have bittersweet emotions with the ending of a series. While I do love when series end, I also realize, this is it, there most likely won't be any more and it makes me sad. Which means I will turn around and listen to these all back to back when SS finally makes its way to audio. 

Vic and Jacob are just amazing together and this story was intense as always, JCP is an excellent story teller. The details that she puts into the psychs makes me wonder if she is one herself. so glad that she is planning on a SA for Crash, he's one of my favorite side characters and he deserves an HEA, plus, I wonder what happened to Mrs. Maddie. 

On a side note, is Lisa part of the F-pimp, or is she just living off Con? it's never really explained, and now I'm just thinking she's a golddigger LOL!!


The perfect puzzle

What a puzzle this series is. All the stories weaving a fine web. Just when you think you have it pinned down, you don't. The intellect in writing this series, and imagination, it just blows my mind.

I absolutely adore Laurent and Damianos. They're two completely different persons, but yet so much alike.

I'm so glad I found this series. I said it in an earlier review that it's like a child of GoT and The Gladiator. Now that it's over, I want to re-read it. I bet I could catch more an more details every time. Absolutely brilliant! I haven't been THIS excited about a series since The Hunger Games


It's gritty, dark, obscene, and strangely beautiful....

Hades is a scary man. Tall, dark, and ugly.

Rex is a beautiful, red headed dancer who feels safe in the arms of monsters.

Son of ex MC president, Rex is sent to live with The Dragon after his father is killed.
In this strange place he sees son of the Dragon, Kemono, and he does everything to try and gain his affection. He gets just one kiss.... and then nothing.

Rex is sent away on his 18th birthday, far away from the place he grew up in.
With the help of a club member, he gets a place to stay and a part-time job and dance lessons.
Dancing is where Rex feels his strongest. He loves to do it and it is his ultimate dream.

Rex and Hades get a little surprise when Hades gets out of jail after 4 years to come home to some stranger in his bed. From here, our story really takes off.

The chemistry between these two is insane. I love the Daddy/boy aspect. The nicknames Hades has for Rex are so friggen sweet. My favorite has to be Lion.
Rex heals Hades from his stint in jail and heartbreak from Beo. Hades makes Rex feel safe and cherished.. Only, Rex isn't aware of someone out there looking for him....

Oh how I can't wait for book 3. I need to know how this strange triangle is going to play out.

Wulf puts in a LOT of vulgarity in this book, but he also puts in the right balance of beautiful wordage and some very quotable sayings. There are A LOT of warnings to this book, do not take them lightly. If you have hard limits on certain things, make sure you read said warnings. If any of them offend you then this book is NOT for you. As for me...bring on the boy p*ssy and golden showers!!

I haven't read book 1 ((as i didn't' know it was a 2 until after purchase)) and I don't feel lost or confused at all, but i did go and 1-click book one, just because I am loving this authors style.

Side note: Why am I just now reading this author?

5 Daddy Stars!!!


Have Coffee. Will trade for kiss. 

This story was classic Charlie and classic THIRDS. 
ALWAYS except a ridiculously funny scene among the chaos (ball pit, that’s all I’m saying) . The story can’t be ALL drama. 

Expect a lot of steam, because let’s face it, these guys are H-O-T. 
The story kicks off right after Against the Grain. Dex has been taken so we wake up a bit disoriented. 

We get to meet a new character, Mr. Wolf. He’s an intriguing sort (think Henry in Man from U.N.C.L.E. ;D) He has an air of mystery about him and many-an-alias. He’s pretty hard for even the Tin Men to track down. ((I also see a future series with him in it, hmmm??)
Anyways. There are a few instances I was like “I KNEW IT!” and I’m sure once you get there, you’ll be saying it too. But the road leading to that is all mystery and action and you won’t be disappointed. 

Originally I thought this was going to be about Seb and Hudson, don’t worry, there time is coming and it will be glorious!!! For now, it’s a lot more Dex and Sloane, and oooh boy do things get interesting. Whole new levels of interest. Of course they have their ups and downs as they grow as a couple and living together. I think in many ways they are still maturing and some lessons have been learned. I am very excited about what’s to come!! 

“I know I lose my way sometimes, but if you’re here, I’ll always find my way back.”

The story does get split wide open. A lot of things are revealed, especially where Dex’s parents are concerned, but with new questions at hand, there is plenty of adventure to go around. 
Thankfully this isn’t a cliffhanger like AtG. It’s actually quite sweet and I was reading it through happy tears. I am so happy for these guys!!

I found him mom, I found him

I definitely give it 5 *


Between Ghosts is about Conner Regan, a journalist, who loses a brother to the war but they're never told how he died. Plagued by not knowing how his brother, James, has died, Conner pushes for a Special Forces assignment and is sent to the Middle East on assignment.

Set ant Nathan 'Nat' Thompson, head of Charlie-3, comes back from another tiring mission only to find that he has to now babysit a "hack". When he meets Conner though, he is surprised by what he gets. A capable civilian who may know how to handle himself, and also someone who has actually turned his head for the first time in years, making him think of something else other than his missions.

I thought the book was fast paced and intense. The characters were well developed and the layout done extremely well. I felt like I could feel the desert sun and taste the sand.
Conner and Nat, though their affair happens pretty fast, I thought there chemistry burned bright. It didn't feel rushed, even though it courses over weeks together. I thought Garret did a great job with fitting all she did into this book. That being said, it was also a small downfall. I wish there could have been MORE. More detail, more time together, more time after...but only because I loved this story and the characters so much. It almost seemed inevitable too, that Conner and Nat should be, as their pasts are sort of entwined and they didn't even know it.

All in all it was a great war book, a good love story and I liked all the characters in it. The story had me in its hooks right away. I give it 4.75*

Every time a new S&M book releases I'm always like, this one's better than the last!

But, its so true!!
I don't know how they do it, how they can top the last book with something so unique and extraordinary and bloody!!
Where they come up with these themes and characters is beyond me. It's impressive.

Grim & Misha are so awesome together.
There's a lot of misunderstandings between the two, but I think that's how it would really be in real life.
Why would Misha trust this stranger with his actual feelings?He's still so caught up in his old life, he doesn't know what's real and what's fake, and why should he?

Grim doesn't understand that it wasn't exactly Misha behind his fanmail either, and that a lot of that was an act. He doesn't realize part of Misha's site was a front for something more dark and sinister....
In turn, this is a cause of some seriously mixed feelings and misunderstandings between the two. Can Misha get beyond his fear and be honest with Grim?

Still, Grim is determined to protect and save him, because Misha is very "unique", especially to Grim.

True to form, there's a lot of raw, gritty action in this book. Fires, explosions, kidnapping, torture, you know? The good stuff.

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.
I can't wait to see how they'll top this one, and I wonder who's next?? The unknown guy from the Detroit chapter perhaps??

**5 blown away stars!!***


The story picks up exactly where Alasdair left off. Isadora straped to a chair, pumped with silver...

If you thought book 1 was hot and mysterious wait til you read book 2!! Though it's titled Isadora, it still contains a helluva lot of Alasdair, Vasilios, and Leonidas, and holy hot hell!!!

Ella has painted such an awesome picture on this book, I can actually see this as if it were on film (and what and awesome film it would be!! hello HBO?)) They way she can jump from past to present and not lose you is amazing. The way the story unfolds is so mysterious and enrapturing. My mind is just blown as to how she comes up with this stuff.

The chemistry between Isadora and her Ancient just goes to show you (and Elias) that Vampires CAN feel, and this new dynamic they all have I think is going to be a sight to behold. But while they're all having fun my heart is absolutely BREAKING for Eton. March cannot come soon enough!

I just really loved everything about this story. The characters, the plot, the imagery, the intensity and mystery. I give it 5*

Strong Signal:

Gamer nostalgia

Listening to them talking about quests and guilds and PvP and fps... it makes me miss peg and my old WoW guild... only true gamers will know what that's like. The relationships that you do build through them, etc.. 
Of course, that's not ALL this book is about. 

When Garret gets pwned by a higher leveled character who isn't even supposed to be in this specific place, he gets mad and decides to dig a little bit on who this guy is. He comes across the guys Twitch account, live gamer streaming, he takes a shot at him in his chat and claims revenge. After Garret watchdogs guy for awhile though, he becomes intrigued. 

I know this all sounds very nerdy, but I promise, it isn't only needing out. 

Our Garret is active military, and is deployed. His only getaway is gaming. Kai is a professional gamer and a bit of a recluse. Both have demons they're fighting, but when they do get together, things are explosive. These two are so sweet together, I just want to wrap them in a blanket and cuddle them. They're definitely going into my top 10 list of MCs. 

Their banter and chemistry make me smile, and it really just brings back some awesome memories. I'm so glad I finally read this book, it took me forever! Better late than never though. 

I highly recommend this book, if you haven't read it, but are thinking about it, up it on your list!
Fast Connection
I keep seeing people saying they liked this one more than book 1. I can't say the same for myself, only because I felt super connected to book one on a reminiscent level. It evoked some strong memories in me and I absolutely ADORE Kai!!

That being said, holy shit the family drama feels!!! I was almost bawling between Duffy and Dominic's little heart to heart.

Dominic is friggen hilarious and such a goofball, I'd totally hang out with him, but no way in hell am I drinking Bud Lite, blech!!! ;)

I loved the fact that Luke was older and established. I think it really anchored Dominic in a time when he was feeling so lost. For me, it took Dominic a long time, if almost too long for the story, to get his act together. These two are great together, awesome chemistry, after Luke stopped being an ass. I can't say I'd have personally given him another try, but I'm glad Dominic did, because they rock together.

I loved the ending, and the large family gathering and blending, it was very heart warming, made me feel kinda fuzzy n warm.

Make sure to check out The Visit!

What do y'all think is next, the mods story?? ;)



What I love most about these gals and their books is they're always so fresh. Everything is new and contemporary and not one character is really alike. From their jobs to their looks and personalities. Where do they find this stuff???

We meet David Stone in Split, which is a het book written under Miss Merikan. It was about Detroit chapters club prez's daughter, Asteroth and Toledo chapter, ex-prez's nephew, Hunter, aka David's brother.

While David is attending Asty and Hunter's baby shower he meets a mysterious, dark stranger. Bets are made and things happen that leave David in a whirlwind of sexual and personal confusion. Coming from a Christian upbringing, in David's head this is all wrong. But in his heart (and pants) it couldn't be more right.

While in church that next day, an encounter leaves him to doubt his faith even more. He's determined to make his own way and become more Independent, so he leaves his family home to get a job in the city and move in with his brother.

This also leaves him with the freedom to try and explore these confused feelings that a certain biker has brought out in him.

Raja, manwhore, club prez of the Taledo chapter, and bearded God ;), decided to take on a bet. Not knowing who he was betting on. After finding out the truth, he tries to stay away from David. David doesn't make it easy on him and he finds himself drawn to David's youthful Innocence and sincerity.

Let's talk about David's parents for just a moment. They are Christians to the core, and the way the push aside their children for their beliefs is just heartbreaking. What I don't get is, isn't one of the sins about doing things in moderation? Isn't overdoing a religion, in essence, the same thing? They were so upsetting that I wanted to reach in and C*nt punch that's beeyotch!! I can't wait to see what happens with their little sister, Amy. *IF* she eventually gets a story, or a side story in a future book.

Anyways, this book is being labeled as their *fluffiest* book, which in some cases it is, but don't let it fool you. It's still raw and intense, and smoking f*cking hot! David is an undercover filthy boy under his proper church boy fa├žade!! ;)

This book excites me, this series REALLY excites me, and I can't wait for more surprises from this awesome team. I'm trying to think of who could be next... a certain stripper??? hmmmmm....

Until next time, I give this 5 filthy stars



You would think that this story being about Josiah, that it'd be light and goofy, kind of like you think is in the other books, but not certainly wasn't.

Under his fun nature and no filter he has his own issues. He suffers from severe ADHD, so he need help with managing parts of his life, Luke money management and meds schedules. He likes to use the excuse that his mom is lonely in that big house, but he needs her just as much. He's never had to confront that issue until he meets Ryan.

They're meeting went normal, at first They met in first class on an airplane. All was good until Josiah notices Ryan's "disability" and his not brain to mouth filter goes off...again. Only this time he really feels bad about it and tries apologizing and a bit of groveling.

A snow storm hits where they're supposed to land, so it leaves them a night until they can get flights out the next day.

This time together grows into future emails and chats and gaming together, eventually skyping and another face to face visit to Ryan at the rehab center.

Ryan is trying to hard to recover, he just wants to get back to work and be "useful" . Josiah is leading his own team and is having issues keeping everyone on schedule. They continue to confide in each other and feel comfortable doing it, but things are still rocky.

I really think these books have a common theme, a trip (be it air or road) and a party, (be it wedding/reception or reunion). While I think they're great stories, I kind of hope the next one (if there is one) has a little more ... diversity? A change in format? Shake things up a bit and keep the series fresh... and I'm thinking a certain red head and military man are up next???

Anyways, it was a great story, I laughed and cried and rooted for these guys and I really hope there's more!



You would think that this story being about Josiah, that it'd be light and goofy, kind of like you think is in the other books, but not certainly wasn't.

Under his fun nature and no filter he has his own issues. He suffers from severe ADHD, so he need help with managing parts of his life, Luke money management and meds schedules. He likes to use the excuse that his mom is lonely in that big house, but he needs her just as much. He's never had to confront that issue until he meets Ryan.

They're meeting went normal, at first They met in first class on an airplane. All was good until Josiah notices Ryan's "disability" and his not brain to mouth filter goes off...again. Only this time he really feels bad about it and tries apologizing and a bit of groveling.

A snow storm hits where they're supposed to land, so it leaves them a night until they can get flights out the next day.

This time together grows into future emails and chats and gaming together, eventually skyping and another face to face visit to Ryan at the rehab center.

Ryan is trying to hard to recover, he just wants to get back to work and be "useful" . Josiah is leading his own team and is having issues keeping everyone on schedule. They continue to confide in each other and feel comfortable doing it, but things are still rocky.

I really think these books have a common theme, a trip (be it air or road) and a party, (be it wedding/reception or reunion). While I think they're great stories, I kind of hope the next one (if there is one) has a little more ... diversity? A change in format? Shake things up a bit and keep the series fresh... and I'm thinking a certain red head and military man are up next???

Anyways, it was a great story, I laughed and cried and rooted for these guys and I really hope there's more!

I needed this book to happen, and I didn't even really know i needed it to.
So much has happened between book 1 and this book, that you almost forget how they started....almost.

This book was like a confession, absolving them of their sins. They needed to deal with the past and let it go to start over it *should* have been.

"The two of them belonged together like sin and confession'

- The ugliest truths blossom into the pretties lies-
That says it all. Ugly truths, the lies to cover it up. Lies to protect the other. They all become a tangled mess.

While these lies are being sorted through, things get pretty ugly. My heart broke for them. First for Dom and then for Seth. I don't think I have ever really cried in this series. Edge of my seat, yes, and a lot of worry, but never any actual tears. This book I was gasping like a fish as my heart broke for them. Of course there are still explosions, and lots of blood, what kind of adventure would it be if there wasn't?? But there is a lot of personal growth for the both of them as well. Even for Mark, who is all too eager to prove he is ready.

Dom also has a few "human' moments. Moments to show he is in fact just a man. My favorite one is the fly in the room. I too have had thoughts like this, so i think it really connects the character to the reader even more.

Dom has this moment, not if the life he had already, but of a future. A future he wants but doesn't think they will see. It is the sweetest thing. When he gets the chance, he starts taking steps into that direction to get things right with Seth, his family, and God, so that one day they can have that future, but based off a beginning without hatred, jealousy, and violence.

The book runs parallel to One Step Too Close. If you all were paying attention to where Dana was sent and what she has to do, you'll notice from Dom's conversations with her, that she hasn't yet met who she does at the end of OSTC. I am still very curious as to how that will play out and what will happen in the next book when Dom and Miquel ((his new "friend" in Mexico)) take a trip to Colombia. Will Seth be left to take care of Mark? Or will he refuse and go along. It's all still very mysterious and I am so excited to get more of their story. One thing that also makes me happy is that even though Seth is in the middle of all this violence and maybe a little hardened, he's still the sweet man that wants to have a food blog. He's so very endearing.

Until next time, i give it 5 forgiving stars


If you like sports, especially hockey, then you NEED to read this book 

Max is an ex-hockey player starting as an assistant coach on a "no name" team. Trying to work his way up the ladder in the coaching business. After a freak accident that's left his left eye's depth perception put of whack, he can no longer play the sport he loves, so this is the path he's chosen.

Little does Max know that this new GM of the Spitfires has something up his sleezy sleeve. He's made Max assistant to head Coach Misha Samarin. The one who "caused" Max's accident.

This is the part where I'm like "holy cow, this is going to get dramatic". Surprisingly, it didn't, and I was actually glad. Max played it so cool, he certainly surprised Misha. Misha has been punishing himself for the last few years over it, why shouldn't Max? Well, things don't turn out that way.

I adored Misha and Max. Misha was so stoic and Max was just this goofy guy that you can't help but love. They are certainly opposites, but they work together as partners and coaches. 

The book is book 3 in the series, but this is my first of both the series and the author. I was not confused at all and I am definitely now a fan of Avon. I will be going back to read books 1 & 2 and any future books in the series, that's how much I loved this story. 

Power Play gets 4.5 power stars from me


                                                        Love and Chaos for sure

Oh man, this title couldn't have been more perfect. 

Chaos is a good word for what's lurking beneath these two. It's what you might call a beautiful tragedy, but this time, with a happy ending. 

This is my first Stephen Hoppa book and I can say ill be coming back for more. 

Side note, don't skip the bonus chapter in Cody's POV at the end. It's funny and for lack of a better word, cute.


Book1- Just like Kaleb, I don't know if I should be intrigued or run screaming. This book is definitely not for the faint. I felt so tense the entire time, but held completely captivated. 

This is an interesting take on PNR. Gods meet dystopian meet BDSM/Slavery. 

Kaleb, to me is such a stronger character, even though Leo is the god. I think it takes a strong character to take it all in stride. He could disagree to do anything just to spite his father, but in doing so, he would hurt his brothers. He cares about Sonny,his transgender brother, too much to let that happen. He sticks it out, even after 3 chances of backing out. I also think he hooked Leo, so I'm intrigued to see where that goes. There's no way he's giving Kaleb up.

Book 2- Gods this is intense! The idea behind it all is pretty amazing, and that is why I'm giving it such a high rating. Well, that and the writing itself. Why I find myself allured to Leo is beyond me. He's such a sadistic prick, but I can't wait to see what will happen with Kaleb.

Oli is a sexy bitch, even when he's being an aloof arse! I liked the way he got Caleb out of his shell and in turn Caleb got Oli to trust again. These two are awesome when they're on. I can't even tell you how many times my stomach dropped because of them though!
I was a little nervous because Oli didn't seem like a one man, man and Caleb is. Given his past of being cheated on by David, I didn't think that would really go over well.

I did get a little frustrated with these two, I was all like "unfuck your shit and just admit your feelings", but a jellie Oli is kind of adorable. I liked that some of David's friends took Caleb into their fold, and I loved how he and his siblings finally banned together against the evil sociopath father. In turn, Oli also gained. new family.

The next book is more #RayVid but I want more Charles!!! Yes, I'm calling it now, Charles and Clive. Everyone needs a Charles in their life, I know I do!!

I give this book 4.5 all the feelings stars


mystic moon magic

this audio is pinecones and candy canes, of epic and awesome. 

I think I cried through the entire thing. No, i dont think, I know. Joe and Ox are my new favorites. I love that Ox is human. That he doesn't exactly know what bonding and everything is, that they didn't get an automatic love story. They really, really, had to work for it. It was just a really unique story. 

Kurt's narration of Ox was spot on. . Ox himself is such a unique character. Flawed, but perfectly so, and Kurt just really brought that out in him. I also loved his Gordo and Elizabeth narrations. 

I highly recommend this, though I don't know if I could re-listening to this one like I can with TLSH & TQatHJK, as it kicks me right in the feels5*


This is my first TS book and I gotta say I like this authors style. It flowed really well and the characters were off the charts explosive.

Yes, there's insta-attraction and things move really fast. I'm talking love feelings in a few days, BUT, their chemistry is so hot and Lincoln's confident (cocky, but not annoying) attitude is smoldering, that you don't even notice. A lot happens between the two that can cause such a spark, that you can just feel them falling.

I thought this was going to be a bit "weird". A quarterback and a Dom? Well, it wasn't weird at all. I thought it was written very well, and the scenes seemed "legit" enough. I was fanning my face a lot in this book.

On top of all the sexy times though, there was actually a story. Alexander and his grandfather and upbringing. Heck, even Lincoln had a crazy back story.

I thought it was a great read, I couldn't put it down and I would definitely read more from this author if the stories continue at this pace. From what I seen, I reckon Tank's story is next, I'm pretty excited about that :D


This was just as good as book 2. 

Miro seems to attract all kinds of people, from crazy to delightful. I love his adopted family and the significant others they bring with them. 

My heart broke a few times for Miro in this book, but thankfully it all works itself out. 

Again, there's LOTS of action, new friends, old serial killers, new killers, one brave Chickie baby, and one seriously happy ending. I can't wait for more.



I have never read a book solely about volleyball players. I'm kind of glad I've saved myself for this book because it was excellent.

Dexter Savage had a horrible upbringing forcing him to leave home and make his own way. Having done so it has given him a few terrible complexes, one being about money and having to live the way he did when he was younger. no one knows of his past, maybe except his foster parents, and he'd always plan on keeping it that way. He has many goals, with sponsors and winning a championship. Only, one man, who he loathes, stands in his way of his dreams.

Finn Callahan is not openly gay, as his partner had a terrible coming out and didn't want to feel that rejection from his teammates and fans, so Finn "happily" stuck by his side in silence. A terrible accident leaves Finn grieving and alone, with absolutely no support system. He dropped out of volleyball and basically cut off all contact with the world. So he's a bit surprised when one Dex Savage shows up at his door.

Finn can't help but feel some sort of pull, as he's been secretively crushing on Dex since their early college years, but has kept it to himself seeing as Dex is straight. In his curiosity, he accepts Dex's offer to try out to see how they could work as a team.

Due to these feelings that neither of them knew the other has for each other, the tension is super thick, building a lusty crescendo. You can't wait for it to finally explode, and once it does you can't not be so extremely happy for them. Although, it takes another rather unfortunate event for Dex to wake up, but the Dex left in its wake is a caring, protective Dex and its so awesome to behold.

I will say I did get a bit of whiplash between the waring emotions, and I wanted to shake them vigorously many times. In the end though, it all seems worth it.

This is my first book by this author and her writing style is just wonderful, I will definitely be picking up more books by her!

I give this book 5*, I absolutely loved it


This is my second book by Jackie, and she didn't disappoint. 

This story is short and sweet and very low on drama. 
I liked the originality in career paths these two have chosen. Who would really think to write about Civil Engineering? Jackie did, and she made it not sound boring LOL! 

Davis is a player, but when he literally falls into Adrian, his future plans of just "having fun until he graduates" kind of fly out the window. Davis wasn't one of those cocky player types either, he's just kind of silly and funny. I found myself laughing a few times. I especially thought it was adorable that normally he was a charmer, but around Adrian, he's clumsy as all-get. 

Adrian is the shy but focused type. He just wants to make it through his courses with his head above water (pun intended?). Hr never really expected to find friends and was completely surprised by his roommates and how easily they accepted him. 

Mara, David's BFF, is probably one of my favorite characters. She seems like a really great friend to have. She's somewhat of a meddler, but not in a pushy, nagging, kind of way. It's also mainly because Davis has dragged her in to be his wing "man". 

Overall, the story, the characters, the writing have left me feeling pretty good that I read this story. I just wish it was a bit longer, only because I enjoyed reading about Adrian and Davis. 



When you think "A.E. Via", you think: alpha, excitement, drama, gun fire, & brotherhood. 
And then she totally goes and writes things like TSiMS and you can't help but be amazed at the range her artistry. 

Yes, it has alpha men in it, yes there's some military background, but there's also Wylde. I absolutely LOVED this character. He was beautiful, in his lithe form and long hair and choice of career (great job behind all that detail too, A!) to his wonderful attitude and outlook on life, and lastly, but most importantly, his strength. Both physical and otherwise. 

Both Jacob and Wylde were such complex characters, but Wylde stole the show for me. It was only someone like him that could break through that permanent Scowl on not only Jacob's face, but his life. 

In the beginning I had sad tears and in the end I had happy tears. Literally, I'm kind of sniffling as I write this :D 



Wow. what a beautiful, sad, but beautiful, story.

After having lost his mother, Josh is left with an ultimatum and is now homeless, and supremely numb.

Thinking about his mother and how every fall she would say they need to go east and see the fall trees turn color, so he Josh gets an epiphany one day and just goes. After walking about 20 miles he finds what he's looking for and hunkers down under a bridge.

What Josh wasn't expecting was Mark.

Mark noticed some fire light from under the bridge and gets a little worried, what he wasn't expecting was to find a man sleeping under there. The same man he saw walking through town with the lifeless eyes, eyes he's seen in war. Little does he, or they, know, their lives are about to change.

I liked how descriptive this book is about the scenery around them, the trees, the ponds, the houses. I can practically smell fall through the book. Even the house they're working in for old Mrs. Fischer (who I adore) I can picture it in my head and smell the paint and wood. This town sounds like such a gorgeous town, and it's the perfect place for both these men to heal.

I liked seeing Josh come out of his shell a little more each day, so when tragedy hits (like it does) and tempers flare, my stomach dropped at Josh's decision. I kept thinking "no, no, no! go back you idiot!" But as Mark's mom says, it's a silver lining.

There is such a sweet HEA, I don't think this book could have ended more perfect. I like where Josh ended up and the way he says "goodbye" to his mom. Even in death, she is also one of my favorite characters.

4.5 achingly sweet gold and red stars


This is my second favorite holiday book this year!! 

Eddie is a traveling "artist", his specialty is glass work. He travels from Illinois to Texas and sometimes California. This year he takes a chance and ends up staying in the Midwest longer than he's comfortable for. Realizing he mad a mistake by an "idea" he thought he wanted to try he ends up broke down on the freeway near a very small town. 

While walking through the town towards a train station he witnesses a horrible accident. The officer asks the local hermit, Grayson or Gray, to accommodate the witness for the night so she can get his statement in the morning, as things have become super hectic on Black Friday for the small town police department. 

Gray, who's kept to himself for around a decade, with all his family gone and pushing away his once close friends, is a bit reluctant, but ends up taking Eddie in. 

Grayson, for his own reasons, really likes the sound of someone else tinkering about in his space, making the large old house not so quiet. On a whim he asks Eddie to stay around a bit. Offering him work in the shop and subcontracting some of his glass work. Eddie, being the vagabond he is, isn't quite so sure at first, but ends up giving it a whirl. 

It was really kind of sweet watching these two open up to each other. Haven't having someone to lean on for either of them in quite a long time, it's kind of like they relearn it together. Of course there are jumps in the road, and when Eddie storms off, your heart kind of breaks. When Gray finds himself with a new guest, it's sort of funny in a way, because he's not quite sure what to do. It's also a bit more funny when Eddie discovers said new house guest. Who would have thought that two grumpy guys could actually be funny? And the gift that Eddie ends up making for Gray? Bloody brilliant! and imagine extremely gorgeous. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this read and highly recommend it for the holiday.



I was so excited that AE dropped this book early. I have been without them in what feels like FOREVER. I almost forgot how hilarious and special Day is. He really is the light in this series and will forever hold a special place in my heart. I have been with this series from day 1, literally, and I have been just so ecstatic to see it grow and the characters develop and change and grow. They’ve come so far in the two years + that they were introduced. 

The stories only get hotter and more action packed and the characters more interesting and intricate. This story in particular is mainly about God and Day and Tech and Steele ((I love then nicknames she comes up with)). It rotates chapters between characters so we see the story in multiple points of view. The only “issue” I had with this was, I was half way though the book, and I could have sworn I was further along than that. It made it seem longer, not that it was boring or anything, just a lot going on (in a good way) and still so much more needs to happen. 
That being said, that beginning?? I think I shed a few happy tears. Then in the middle I really started getting worried. God made me so, so nervous!!! And Tech?? He was such a nice surprise. I love him dearly and I want to keep him and hold him to my bosom forever and ever. He’s smart, sexy, and strong. He’s like the trifecta of awesome. I have a thing for nerds and silver foxes and AE ticked off all my boxes in this story. Steele also was a nice surprise. I loved that she wrote a character that could go head to head with God, but didn’t actually challenge him, because he respected his leadership. Even though they were pretty evenly matched. 

The care Steele took of Tech and didn’t get overly stupid jealous with him and his overall maturity ((after the first incident)) was refreshing. The fact he didn’t want a “friends with bennies” situation, but an actual grown up relationship speaks volumes about him, again, a breath of fresh air! The action packed drama sequence was pretty hilarious too. I adore Ruxs and Greene and their general badassery. They did NOT disappoint!! 

After I started reading this though, I *thought* there was going to be some Gen and Curtis. Have no fear y’all! There are some bonus chapters and they are SOOO worth it. I would seriously LOVE a straight up Gen book. I think he is such an awesome character and the way he loves Curtis is just do.damn.sweet!!! 

All in all, I give this book 4.5* and I will be sitting here patiently waiting for some Free ((and Hart?? ;) ))

All of these authors have just been amazing and I cannot wait to see what 2017 brings!

xo~ Stephanie Googlyeyes