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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Guns N Boys Series Tour by KA Merikan

Guns n' Boys is an 8 book (plus an M/F side story written under Miss Merikan) series (so far) about 2 men who belong to the Sicilian mafia. Seth being the son of the Don and Dom his enforcer. They're on the run from "family" as being gay isn't quite accepted and there have been some betrayals from within. This is their, albeit bloody, journey together trying to make a life and uncover the mystery of "Mr. Tropico"

It is not a pretty story and this series is not for the faint of heart. It's very non-con and gory AF! to say the least. It is nothing less than what I expect from a 'real feel" Mafia book and from the authors themselves. 

Overall I give this series a 4.5* 
It's action packed, has humor in it, Dom and Seth are one my absolute favorite MC's of all time, and I just can't get enough. 

If you're feeling brave, I have posted a review for each book below, if you would like to take a gander. If you haven't read this series, but are into hardcore action, then this series IS FOR YOU! 

If you're just interested in the review to Book 8, K.A. Merikan's Latest release
Guns N' Boys: A Breath of Innocence, you can jump to it here:

If you want to know more in depth information about the entire series, keep reading below :)

You can catch the series on #KindleUnlimited 

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Guns n’ Boys: He is Poison (Book 1)


The Family is always right. The Family doesn’t forget. The Family pays for blood in blood.
Domenico Acerbi grew up in the shade of Sicilian lemon trees ready to give his life for the Family. Ready to follow orders and exceed expectations. A proud man of honor.
When Seth, the younger son of the Don is kidnapped, it’s Domenico who is sent to get him back. The man he finds though, is not the boy he knew all those years ago. Lazy, annoying, spoiled, and as hot as a Sicilian summer.
Seth Villani wants nothing to do with the mafia. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get a say when the Family pulls him right back into its fold after his mother’s death. Thrown into a den of serpents otherwise known as the Villani Family, Seth has to find a way to navigate in the maze of lies. But when Domenico Acerbi, the most vicious snake of them all, sinks his fangs into Seth, the venom changes into an aphrodisiac that courses through Seth’s veins.
Domenico knows his life is about to change when he gets the order to train Seth up to the role of future Don. Seth isn’t made for it. He isn’t even made. But a man Domenico knows he would never have to fear might just be someone he’s always needed.
If Seth is doomed to follow in his father’s footsteps, he might as well enjoy himself–with the most intoxicating man he’s ever met. Maybe he can even fool himself into believing that Domenico isn’t a handsome sociopath who kills for a living.

A book where the character looses an appendage in the first chapter is my kind of book! It seems to be the ultimate set up for what is to come in this story line....

We have our boy Seth, son of the Don, who is off in America doing his thing. Going to college, living with his secret boyfriend ((heaven forbid the family find out)) and cooking like his mama taught him. Out of nowhere he is kidnapped and has no idea who these men are or why he is being taken, as he has no part in "the family"

In steps rescuer, Domenico, to get Seth out. Seems a rival family has taken Seth in exchange for what they want.... but the mystery lies within who set the order...

Upon arrival in Sicily, The Don decides to name his 2nd born, Seth, heir to "the throne". This doesn't please ANYBODY, not even Seth, & especially not his brother, Vincente. His father knows Seth has a lot to learn and decides the best to train him would be his #1 ass-as-in, Dom. They are sent to Berlin immediately to start their training.

The chemistry between these 2 is electric, and not exactly in a good way. Domenico seems to have anger issues, as their past would leave you to believe. Not with life in general, but with Seth specifically. I felt Dom was a bit "rapey" and overbearing, and I think that had a LOT to do with his anger and he feels he is "punishing" Seth for what he believes Seth to be.
But as the story progressed and the character stories are built, he really started growing on me. He starts to understand that Seth really is a sweet and oblivious guy, who really doesn't want to have anything to do with being The Don or leading the family, and that's when things start to really change.

Seth is a big puppy dog and I feel so bad for the position is put in. I have so many questions as to why his father chose him and what he's playing at. I think it's one big test between the 3 boys. I'm really excited to see how this will play out. I'm really rooting for Seth and Dom.

   Guns n’ Boys: He is Mine (Book 2)


A wedding should be a joyful affair, but it is far from that for Seth Villani. Thrust into an arranged marriage, back under the same roof with serpents and wolves who are his family, Seth has to watch his back if he is to survive until the despised event. Though with his love affair with Domenico Acerbi slipping out of his grasp, and his father forcing blood on his hands, sometimes Seth wishes the dark waves of the sea nearby could swallow him whole.
Coming back home to Italy is full of bitterness and regret for Domenico. He knows he will have to see Seth, the first man who’s found a way to his heart in years, walk down the aisle and marry. Seth belongs with Domenico, and having him ripped out of his arms is an offense he cannot bear. Yet despite the tension between them, and the growing resentment, Domenico still needs to watch Seth’s back, because there’s a target on it, and no matter how much Domenico doesn’t want Seth to marry, he will not have him dead.

This book is intense. 

I was wondering how it would all play out. Not that I got all the answers as there are loose ends. 

Dom and Seth have really grown on me and Dom is the sweetest in the most weirdest, alpha way. He is so supportive during Seth's "arranged marriage" and so sweet as to exchange signets with him... and don't get me started on the dance in the barn scene. *melts* 

I hate that Seth's uncle treated Dom the way he did when he was younger, but it also made Dom the man he is now. I also found it funny when he told Dom to have fun on "his" honeymoon. Dom and Seth still have a lot to learn about each other and they get their chance while being able to be alone together in New York. 
Seth is still struggling with this new side that Dom brings out in him. 
While they're there, they get a surprise visit from Seth's older brother, Vincente. While at a strip club, Dom learns a bit of a secret as to whom they thing set the hit out on Seth's kidnapping. Could it be sibling rivalry? Or something more?? 

Dom is faced with a very hard decision. Serve The Don or protect the love of his life. Things are not as they appear and they will have the ultimate battles for their lives and will have to look towards an old severed relationship with Seth's ex to help get them through. 

This book was riveting and it was everything.

                Guns n’ Boys: Paris

This is a short story special accompanying Book 1 of ‘Guns n’ Boys’. It doesn’t pick up after the end of Book 1, but is a story of what happened to Dom and Seth on Christmas Eve in Paris. Read about the series.


All Seth wants is a Christmas Eve to remember, with the man he loves. When Dom invites him to Paris, his dreams are about to come true. But the man waiting in the apartment they are to stay at changes the course of the trip. To Seth’s surprise, religion is a bigger issue for Dom than he’d thought, and it’s on a collision course with Seth’s atheism.
Their first Christmas together might end up memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Christmas in Paris, what more could you ask for! This was a novella, but there was really nothing little about it. It packs just as much punch as the larger stories. Dom is still larger than life and Seth is still squeezable. Great little addition to this series!

Guns n’ Boys: Homicidal Instinct (Book 3)


All Seth wants is to live free with the man he loves. But escaping death at the hands of the mafia is just the beginning of an uphill struggle. When Domenico wakes up from his impromptu surgery and doesn’t even remember Seth’s name, Seth’s world falls apart. Suddenly it’s him who has to plan an escape from New York City and navigate their way to Mexico. All that without even knowing if the man of his life will ever love him again.
Domenico doesn’t know who to trust and what to believe. The man who introduces himself as his brother seems to hide dark secrets behind a cheerful smile. With the mafia breathing down their necks, there is no time to piece together the puzzle of Domenico’s life, and each time he thinks he’s solved it, a new part appears to be missing. Dom needs to find out who he really is, what he’s capable of… and what is the real story hidden behind Seth’s intense eyes

Blown the fuck away. This is the best one yet.
The authors took it there, I was biting my finger nails towards the end.
Gritty, raw, and just as fucking amazing. I bloody love these guys... a lot!
Not for the weak at heart (or stomach).

The book starts where 1.2 left off. They're holed up in Seth's ex's apartment while Dom is recovering after a shoot out with the rival family that kidnapped Seth in book 1. Unfortunately when Dom wakes up, he is not "quite himself" and Seth must take over this strange mission. Too bad Dom never told him much, only that they were going to head towards Mexico.

Now that Dom can't quite remember anything, Dom must re-learn about Seth and it i is killing Seth that Dom can't remember what they had. Is it a new beginning, without their rough start? or will it be an end to their relationship? The whirlwind of events that happen when they travel are both funny and traumatic.

I think my favorite part was the "Gay Italian Chicken Farmer" scene and seth "not wanting to be a meme" *chuckles*

When Dom learns the truth about his and Seth's past, he wonders to himself how someone like Seth could have liked someone like him, when he realizes the old him treated Seth like crap. This really changes the dynamic in their relationship and takes it a step further in the right direction. Dom becomes this sweet, caring, but still protective boyfriend, and it is the most epic thing to witness. I really just love these guys.


In my first review, I mention the awesomeness in chapter one about loosing an appendage. Welllllll... it gets even more gruesome! This series is just... I can't even tell you enough about it, you really just need to read all of this awesome.

Guns n’ Boys: Swamp Blood (Book 4)


After months of recovering from his injuries, Seth struggles with who he has become. Afloat in a reality he never planned, he tries to find the lost pieces of himself again. Find the purpose, motivation, and strength to get back into shape. He is sick and tired of being a burden for Domenico, who seems to have it all together. When Domenico’s jealousy pushes them into the spotlight of a biker gang with connections to their former mafia family, Seth decides to step up, and make his own decisions, no matter what risks they might entail.

Domenico Acerbi can’t trust anyone. Nightmares of Seth’s torture are still haunting his dreams, and if he and Seth are to leave the country quietly and disappear off the mafia’s radar, he needs to stay in charge and keep everyone under control. What he doesn’t need is Seth giving him attitude, keeping secrets, and distancing himself for no reason. And as if Domenico didn’t have enough on his plate already, Seth forces him to help some hooker. Being stuck in the swamp with a kid hunted by a bunch of bikers is not Domenico’s idea of laying low.

I just love these boys and their guns so much.
The beginning is so very heartbreaking. Seth is still recovering from book 2, and it has more than put a strain on their relationship. They're constantly questioning their worth to each other, and its so sad to see.

What Dom pulls out of his hat though to kind of 'break the ice' is so funny though, and sweet in a Dom-like way. These two are so damn cute together with their little quirks. For example, Dom's sweets fetish, and how Seth tries to make sure he always eats something healthy, just makes them more endearing. Also the fact that they're ALWAYS getting into some sort of trouble.

Enter Mark. Seth tries playing a drunken hero and they end up with a teenager, and a certain MC in their backs (yes people, go ahead and assume which MC ;) ) . This book has many twists and is so riveting, you don't see things coming. It is so well written and intense, you feel like you're there with the guys. Dana, on the other hand has more than gotten on my last nerve. I don't know what she's playing at, or why she's so threatened by Mark. I can't say though, that I'm happy about them ditching her with the MC. I have a bad feeling about it... but I'm wondering if she'll be in the next MC book, and we get to learn more about that situation.

I'm so excited to see what the guys will get up to once they cross the border, C'mmmmooon 2016!!

All in all, I give this 10 *s :D

Guns n’ Boys: Chokehold (Book 5)


A year into the relationship with Domenico, Seth still wants him as desperately as ever. Nothing is better than being intoxicated with lust for his deadly man and feeling his steady hands all over.
No matter the misunderstandings, the fights… The crash. The burn.
Crossing the Mexican border has been a goal for Seth and Domenico for a few months, but the trip couldn’t have ended in more of a disaster. While Domenico is stuck at home, for Seth each passing day becomes more difficult. Desperate to keep his family afloat, he accepts a job offer from Los Sepultureros. The Gravediggers.
When Domenico’s need for control starts eroding their trust, Seth is sure their love can conquer all. But when Domenico rips open the wound left after the violence at the beginning of their relationship, it gushes blood all over their cozy lies and this time, there may be no way to seal it.

I needed this book to happen, and I didn't even really know i needed it to.
So much has happened between book 1 and this book, that you almost forget how they started....almost.

This book was like a confession, absolving them of their sins. They needed to deal with the past and let it go to start over it *should* have been.

"The two of them belonged together like sin and confession'

- The ugliest truths blossom into the pretties lies-
That says it all. Ugly truths, the lies to cover it up. Lies to protect the other. They all become a tangled mess.

While these lies are being sorted through, things get pretty ugly. My heart broke for them. First for Dom and then for Seth. I don't think I have ever really cried in this series. Edge of my seat, yes, and a lot of worry, but never any actual tears. This book I was gasping like a fish as my heart broke for them. Of course there are still explosions, and lots of blood, what kind of adventure would it be if there wasn't?? But there is a lot of personal growth for the both of them as well. Even for Mark, who is all too eager to prove he is ready.

Dom also has a few "human' moments. Moments to show he is in fact just a man. My favorite one is the fly in the room. I too have had thoughts like this, so i think it really connects the character to the reader even more.

Dom has this moment, not if the life he had already, but of a future. A future he wants but doesn't think they will see. It is the sweetest thing. When he gets the chance, he starts taking steps into that direction to get things right with Seth, his family, and God, so that one day they can have that future, but based off a beginning without hatred, jealousy, and violence.

The book runs parallel to One Step Too Close. If you all were paying attention to where Dana was sent and what she has to do, you'll notice from Dom's conversations with her, that she hasn't yet met who she does at the end of OSTC. I am still very curious as to how that will play out and what will happen in the next book when Dom and Miquel ((his new "friend" in Mexico)) take a trip to Colombia. Will Seth be left to take care of Mark? Or will he refuse and go along. It's all still very mysterious and I am so excited to get more of their story. One thing that also makes me happy is that even though Seth is in the middle of all this violence and maybe a little hardened, he's still the sweet man that wants to have a food blog. He's so very endearing.

Until next time, i give it 5 forgiving stars

Guns n’ Boys: Bloodbath (Book 6)



Seth would follow Domenico to the depths of hell. He promised to always be at Domenico’s side. But hell becomes all too real when they infiltrate the world of Toro – a notoriously security-obsessed arms dealer, who has eyes and ears everywhere.

Seth becomes unable to steal even a moment of intimacy with Domenico, and the tension grinds them down each day. Beyond the deceptive paradise of Toro’s villa, violence is an everyday occurrence, and the swimming pool could just as well be filled with blood. To survive, Seth has to become the man Domenico needs him to be, but in the process, he might lose who he truly is.

With Seth trained up, and Mark as backup, victory is so close Domenico can taste it. They just need to prove themselves to Toro as valuable assets. With each day though, Seth seems to be drifting away from Domenico, hidden behind a mask of cruelty and indifference. It is exactly what Domenico asked of him, so why is it so difficult to see Seth become his mirror image?
What can I say about this series that I haven't already said??

As always, it's dark, dangerous, and dramatic. If this were ever turned into a film, I'm thinking Quentin Tarantino as the director. He'd give that blood and gore some justice.

We've all come to know and love Seth as the big cuddly, sweet goofball. Sure, he's had some hard times, but he's never lost that almost "innocent" quality that he has. In this story, he's on the brink. He's signed himself up to do things he normally wouldn't do, for the sake of protecting his family.

Thankfully, Dom comes to his senses and sees that he doesn't want to destroy that quality in Seth and the further and further he pushes, the more he will lose that.

I think this story also cements the bond to the family aspect of this band of Misfits. I was seriously worried about Mark there for awhile, and what's up with Miguel!?!? I really can't wait to see where it takes them. I also can't wait to figure out who the hell Mr. Tropico is! I feel like it's going to be something so obvious that I'll be doing a facepalm. In the meantime, these ladies are doing a great job at NOT making it easy to figure out.

Don't miss the extra at the end of the book!! It is a little teaser as to what's to come and oooohhhh Dom is NOT going to like it. Not. at. all

4.5 Bloody ass stars!!

Guns n’ Boys: Gilded Agony (Book 7)


Deep in the Amazonian jungle, there is a mansion with a rose garden and a hen house where juicy tomatoes are the perfect shade of red, and marble countertops glisten.
Inside, where even the shadows don’t reach, something is rotting, and the perfect facade can only hold the stench for so long.
Domenico promised his husband that he would keep him safe, keep him away from the bloodshed and the brutal world of cartel violence. But when a guest arrives to help retrieve a stolen transport of guns, something sinister sneaks into his home, something more dangerous than his enemies. Or has it been there all along, and he just hasn’t noticed?
Seth’s life is what others dream of. Endless leisure time filled with cocktails, a kitchen stocked with anything he wishes for, and a private pool in the sunshine. What’s missing is the man he shares it with, the man he fell in love with. If being cut off from the mafia business was what he wanted, then why is it so painfully lonely in paradise?
Desperate to be the supportive husband Domenico needs, Seth buries his rage, his violent urges, and the anger that simmers inside of him. But he can only hide in plain sight for so long, and when a guest invites him to play with fire, one misstep, one wrong move, could burn their safe haven to the ground.
I was kind of a sobbing mess reading this last night. What is it about Seth that makes you just want to squeeze him and care for and love him? Now I see why Dom is so damn protective.

Let's talk about Dom, though. I'm SO angry with him! And yet, I can't hate him. If this were a story about a male and female, I would have dropped it like a hot potato.. What Dom did is NOT OK. and yet, here I am still feeling bad for them both. Finished the story and love/hated it. (loved the plot and action, hated what they've become as a couple). Seth may forgive Dom, but it's going to take me awhile to. Yes, Seth asked to be kept out of the business, he understands what he's asked and feels he can't go back on his decision. What he didn't really ask for was a "fake" life though. Knowing it's temporary but not for how long would drive anyone bonkers, I think. It also doesn't help Seth's cause when everyone sees him as "weak" when he really just wants a break.

Seth has already had the argument with Dom about being "controlled" and decisions made for him. Seems like Dom always reverts back to that. I did think the hair cut scene was pretty funny though, Seth's own way of "controlling" something about Dom...but leave it to Seth for it to be funny and kind of cute, ever if Dom didn't think so.

Regardless of the violence and the drinking and the lying (hello, wouldn't be a GnB book if it didn't have that) and me being angry with Dom, this really is a good story and I could NOT put it down. So many tears and wanting to find out what happens next.

Next book up is Mark's, I'm excited for this. He, too, was not my favorite in this story. I thought he was kind of a dick and a brat and I applauded Dom when he gave Mark the perspective he needed regarding Seth. Something awful happens to Mark though, and I'm hoping this next book is healing for him and gives him a chance to grow up away from all the violence and time out who he really "is" as a person.

 Guns n’ Boys: A Breath of Innocence (Book 8) 

About Guns n’ Boys: A Breath of Innocence (Book 8):


Mark is done with flings. He is looking for something real, and he knows just where to find it. Years ago, he fell in love with Charlotte Elswood, but after saving her life, he made the difficult choice to stay in a cartel for the sake of his family.
Now, free of the bloodstained work, he’s ready to rekindle what he’s lost.
But in England, he meets someone who is also blond, blue-eyed, and irresistible. Problem is, Griffith Elswood is Charlotte’s brother. Should Mark even consider putting his hands all over an innocent who would push him away if he knew what kind of monster Mark is?

After years of homeschooling, Griffith wants nothing more than to finally spread his wings at university. Secretly, he dreams of meeting a man he can fall madly in love with. A man he would have all the firsts with. But it’s hard to trust anyone after witnessing his sister’s heartbreak.
When Mark moves in next door, Griffith reaches out despite his sister’s warnings. Mark is mysterious, experienced, cocky, and just oh-so-dreamy. Alternating between hot and cold, Mark’s presence sends Griffith into a frenzy of passion like he’s never known before. So hot in fact, it might just burn him if he isn’t careful.

Leaving book 7, I was super miffed with Dom and Mark. I thought Mark was a super brat and deserved a smacking. What he ended up with was much worse, and I ended up feeling bad for him. 

Coming into this book, I was curious how it would all play out. Would he be bratty and immature? Would he blossom even more on his own? I was very surprised as to what happens in this story, pleasantly so. 

Mark not only is coming into his own, he's actually very sweet. Don't get me wrong, he's still Dom's protege, so he's willing to take an appendage or an ear. Dont let the sweetness fool you. 

He goes to London to see if he can rekindle things with Charlotte, but he doesn't get a warm reception from her, at all. In fact, she's kind of an Uber bitch (but I can't blame her). Things kind of take a twist, he decides to try and get closer to her brother, and finds he is quite taken with Griffith. Watching their chemistry and relationship bloom was quite different than the rest of this series. Where Dom likes to take control of things and make them go the way he thinks they should, Mark takes a more natural, slow approach. He doesn't want to scare Griff off, but he also doesn't want to destroy this boy either. 

Mark has a thing for watching Griff dance from across his balcony. So Mark asks if he can photograph Griff while he's in action. 
Things get heated mighty quickly, but Griff has to slam on his brakes, and fast. See, he's not out to anyone yet, not even fully to himself. He's confused and needs time. Here is where I thought Mark was going to be an ass, but he surprised me when he was more embarrassed that he got shutdown instead of angry. They play it cool for a few weeks, and it's kind of cute. Their chemistry you can cut with a knife, but they're both so unsure. 

Their relationship changes after Mark ends up sticking up for Griff at his 18th birthday party, when a "friend" decides he's going to move him and Griff along unwillingly. Marks not having it, and jumps in to be his Knight on a white horse (figuratively, though there are horses in this story :) )

Things seem to be going well, really well, but then Mark is smacked with another twist when he goes with Griff for the holiday to his families home. Blackmail, lies, deception. It's all the things you've come to know in a GnB book :) 

Thankfully we get a HFN for these two. I won't spoil it with any deets though. 

Of course there are a few Seth and Dom cameos, and it just makes me that much more excited (The Secret Chef!) to get back into them and watch their family grow.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

THE CURSE (Origin of the Vampires) BY KETHRIC WILCOX

The Curse - Kethric Wilcox

Kethric Wilcox has a new MM paranormal vampire book out:

Cain Slays Abel!

In this day and age, that's not an earth-shattering headline. We want headlines that scream of life-altering events.

Terrorists Nuke Peace Conference!

Wow! What a gripping headline. This is something to change the world. Oh, wait! The world did transform. This ran as the lead story a few hours before the beginning of The Upheaval. The current world birthed in nuclear fire and electromagnetic disruption. Gone are the nations I grew up with. My life altered again.

Cain Slays Abel!

The truth behind such a classic story is far more complicated than anyone could imagine.
The brothers’ tale is a life-altering event, at least for me. Twice a report of murder transformed my life in an unpredictable way. I am Richard St. Martin, Master of Darkness. Before my story can be told, you need to learn the story of the first dark monster, Cain. My stepchildren call him Father Cain because he was the first. To find the actuality behind the myth, I recruited two talented mortals - Dr. Jeremiah Banks, Archaeologist, and Professor Juan Di Vargas, Theologian and Religious Scholar. Together they found the secret origin of the vampires:

The Curse!

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Books2Read | QueeRomance Ink | Goodreads


One lucky winner will get a $10 Amazon gift card. Enter via Rafflecopter:


The Curse banner

JEREMIAH SURVEYED his clothing choices for the conference and grimaced. He hated suits, but Dr. Sinclair, the dean of his department, and Mrs. Pike, the dean's secretary and sort of a second mother, both insisted he dress in professional academic attire.

"You're representing the University of Arizona and the Republic of Texas, Dr. Banks. Think of the university's reputation. Don’t appear like you are fresh off the boat following months in the field," Jeremiah recalled Dr. Sinclair saying as he handed him his clearance to travel. During a visit to her house, Mrs. Pike said similar things before she called her late husband's tailor and made an appointment to fit Jeremiah for new suits. Suits made Jeremiah uncomfortable, he preferred sturdy field clothing, but Dr. Sinclair held firm, no wild field archaeologist attire. Resigned to his fate, Jeremiah gave into almost all the dean's requirements, but refused when the request came to cutting his long copper locks. Jeremiah brushed through his hair, twisted, and slid the length into a sapphire-encrusted leather tube to hold everything in check.

The Emir, who oversaw his dig on behalf of the caliph's government, gave him the hair binder as a gift. The man developed a fascination with Jeremiah's copper hair and its silky texture. With his hair under control, Jeremiah dressed to impress in a navy-blue suit with a subtle white pinstripe. Sapphire cufflinks and tie tack finished the ensemble. The cufflinks came as a second present from the emir after a night of admiring Jeremiah's body in all its naked glory. The combination of Jeremiah's pale skin and fiery chest hair and pubic region, plus the impressive prick and balls in their natural state, fascinated the noble. The emir never touched him or asked for contact; the man wanted to check if the red hair remained the same color all the way down.

All three pieces of jewelry helped to highlight his bright blue eyes. Jeremiah checked himself in the mirror before picking up his notes and slides for his lecture and heading down to breakfast. During the evening, the staff worked their magic, transforming the ballroom from reception hall into a dining room. A waiter led Jeremiah to his assigned table and seat right next to Prof. O'Grady. The rest of the table filled with other scholars from universities in the Republic of Texas. He found Dr. Lanister's vacant seat next to his and opposite Prof. O'Grady. "Prof. O'Grady, I want to apologize for the rude comments last night at the reception."

"No, Dr. Banks, if anyone got out of line last night, I did, and should be doing the apologizing. Thank you for correcting my attitude towards Dr. Lanister. I spoke way out of line. I wanted to apologize to him in person, but the hotel informed me Dr. Lanister checked out late last night claiming illness and returned home."

"I'm sorry he departed. He stopped by my room last night reeking of alcohol, so I encouraged him to retire for the evening. I'm sorry to learn he caught something," came Jeremiah's reply as a waiter stopped and filled his coffee cup. "I wonder, are you familiar with Prof. Juan Di Vargas from the University of Madrid?"

"Only by reputation, Dr. Banks. I understand he's presenting today on how the story of the Flood developed in several early cultures," O'Grady remarked, signaling the waiter to take her plate. "Don't you present today as well, Dr. Banks?"

"Yes, about an hour after Prof. Di Vargas. I hope to catch a moment of his time between lectures. His latest paper mentioned the possibility of the biblical city of Enoch being in the Tigris-Euphrates Delta. I think Enoch might be part of the culture, which produced the tablets I found. I wish to compare research with him."

"Good luck in your endeavor. Di Vargas doesn't often deal with those who pursue the more physical aspects of their researches, at least according to his reputation. I can arrange for you to speak with a scholar of the period more open to using archaeology. Let me introduce you to Prof. Chevalier from the University of Paris."

She missed Jeremiah's grimace of distaste, which he hid behind a sip of coffee. Chevalier's research clashed with every line of the investigation he pursued while Di Vargas's headed in a similar direction from a different angle. Jeremiah wiped his hands with his napkin, picked up his notes and slides, and rose from the table.

"Thank you for the offer, Dr. O'Grady. Perhaps another time. Please excuse me. I need to make sure the media team receives enough time to arrange the presentation before lecturing. I'm confident we'll cross paths at dinner."

"I think they plan to mix things up tonight, but there will be other meetings during the conference. Such a pleasure to meet you again, Jeremiah, or I should say Dr. Banks. You stood out, one of my more promising students, and I'm proud of how well you blossomed under Adamson's direction." O'Grady offered Jeremiah her hand. "I'm eager for your lecture this afternoon."

Jeremiah shook her hand and left to track down the media team. He still needed to set up his slides before attending the lectures he wanted to listen to this morning.

Author Bio

Kethric Wilcox

Kethric Wilcox began writing and publishing as a personal challenge to be creative in a new medium. He was attracted to the LGBT Romance genre after reading several paranormal romances where it seemed like the shape-shifters never faced dangers outside the relationship issues thrown at them by their authors. Thus was born the shifter hunting House of Beauty on the premise of a twisted fairy tale. What if Beauty and the Beast didn't end with happily ever after? Wilcox's Legend of the Silver Hunter trilogy looks at this question and then asks what happens if a member of this family falls in love with a descendant of the Beast, can they find happily ever after or are they doomed to repeat the tale. Born and raised in Massachusetts, Wilcox now lives and works in Little Rock, Arkansas in a house that he and his partner renovated. By day Wilcox is a graphic artist and exhibit designer, and at night an author of paranormal romances.

Wilcox currently has two new trilogies in progress: Origin of the Vampires (The Curse, Lord Hunter, and Lord Slayer) set in a dystopian future of the Silver Hunter world; and Legacy of the Silver Hunter (The Goldilocks Pledge, Ruby Wine, and Black Snow) which continues the story told in the Legend trilogy from the view points of other couples in Kieran and Cory’s lives.


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