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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Death Days by Lia Cooper

By day, Professor Nicholas Littman works as an itinerant professor at a small college in the Pacific Northwest. He teaches seminars on mythology and the intersections of folklore and magic in the ancient world. By night, he’s the local necromancer, a rare magical talent that has left him alienated from other practitioners.

All Nick wants from life is to be left alone to run his magical experiments and teach kids the historical context of magic without anyone being the wiser. Unfortunately, his family is sworn to sit on the council of the Order of the Green Book—a group of magicians dating back to the Crusades—and they aren’t willing to take Nick’s no for an answer.

As though that wasn’t bad enough, a coven of Night Women has arrived in town, warning Nick that there are wolves at his door he had better take care of. But what can one necromancer do when every natural and supernatural card seems stacked against him?


Nick, aka Professor Littman, teaches at the local University in Washington. His area of expertise is the stars and their history, and for a good reason. He comes from a long line of magical people, ones who've served in The Order since they've know they were magical. Only problem is, Nick's "talents" are more on the darker side, he can reanimate the dead and control them. 

He's also estranged, he doesn't want to take his place on the council after his father's and brothers deaths. He hates the people in the order and what they stand for.
Not only is he getting pressure from the order, but also his non-magical twin, Nadia.

This story is interesting, to o say the least. I've read some people say it's "strange". Well, it's PNR, what better definition for it then strange? I love when authors can take a theme that's been so used and make their own spin on it, keeps it fresh. No, I did t think this story was strange, but I did find it a little confusing. I also didn't feel the connection between Nick and his "TA", Josiah.

Yes there's a small attraction he's hiding, because he's quite older AND his professor.
What I did like was the fact that he actually did fight it. But, then again, maybe that's why I didn't really feel their chemistry. It is quite the slow burn, and maybe that's intentional, because I feel like so much more needs to happen. Perhaps in book two (IF there is one)  these guys will up their attraction game? I still really need to know what's happening with the basement of Nick's house as well. Why'd it do that? What's the cause and how will they fix it? What will The Order have Nick do? What will happen between Nick and Josiah? And Nadia? 

Just, so many questions!

This is the great opening to so, so much more, I hope she takes it there!!


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